Since opened to the public by Bantul regency in 2003, the Botanic Garden of Mangunan has been transformed into one of the leading tourist destinations in Bantul area, in addition to Parangtritis Beach and Imogiri Tomb. Actually, what’s up there?

Unlike the name, this place is actually not a orchard like Mekarsari in Bogor. We will find some fruit trees such as star fruit and rambutan, but the amount is not too much. Also, the main object in place is not a fruit tree but a viewing post where we can see the beautiful  Geopark  Mount  Sewu.

The view is increasingly beautiful thanks to the existence of the Oya River flowing gracefully. As long as we come at the right time, we can see the beauty of the River Oya with its turquoise water. Beautiful!

Best time to visit Mangunan is during the sunrise, and after the sunrise the view will be more beautiful, we can see foggy cloud below us, it looks like the cloud is floating above the river.


Pine Forest Mangunan area became one of the favorite tourist attractions of Jogja and surrounding residents. The reason is because this region has a beautiful scenery and cool air.

The location of Pinus Mangunan Forest is also not too far from the city of Jogja. About an hour drive we can get there. Access is also very easy because of its one-way location with Imogiri.

Pine Forest Mangunan area is a plateau. From some spots, we can see the scenery of Jogja City from a height. Even some spots also allow us to enjoy the view of the green Geopark Mount Sewu stretches.

Mangunan Forest itself is a vast area and is divided into several parts. In the area there are also some places that have been developed into tourist destinations, in addition to its main object is the Forest Pinus Mangunan itself.


In the pine forest area Mangunan there are some hills where we can see the green scenery that calms the eyes. By the people who live in the vicinity, the hills are developed into a tourist place by building simple facilities but very useful. One of these hills is Becici Peak which we can access about 15 minutes drive from the main spot in the Pine Forest Mangunan.

Location Becici Peak located in Hamlet Gunung Cilik, Muntuk Village, District Dlingo, Bantul regency. This place is also an interesting spot to enjoy the sunset view.


Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo, a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta that looks like the Sahara Desert! Yak right, maybe you guys will not believe it, but the existence of the sights is surprising most of the traveler. Indeed, the condition of Sand Parangkusumo Sand is quite similar to the Sahara Desert location in North Africa.

It is said that sandbanks like this there are only two in the world. One of them is in Mexico, and the closest and easily accessible is the Gangkuk Pasir Parangkusumoyang in Yogyakarta. For the uninitiated, the precise location of the existence of this Parangkusumo Pasir Gumuk is located between Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach.

The existence of mini deserts in Yogyakarta is actually not separated because of the presence of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu in the northern part of Yogyakarta. In addition, the existence of Kali Opak, Kali Progo and Pantai Parangtritis also contributed to the formation of Sand Parangkusumo Sand.

This sand dune is a work of art that is made naturally by nature. You must be amazed, when you first entered the sand dunes near Parangtritis. You will see a vast sea of ​​sand with ornaments of natural sand dunes of various shapes and sizes.

As if this place is a pile of sand that was deliberately shaped by nature, to be utilized by humans. The form itself varies, depending on the nature of the pattern that formed it. Indeed, the variation of the sand dune shape is influenced by the barrier of sand-forming material in the form of vegetation, wind velocity, and wind direction.

Mentioned that Sand dune that collected here is a material that comes from volcanic ash Mount Merapi. Funny is not it? But clearly the volcanic material from the mountain that was in the north yogyakarta was carried by the river flow Opak, Progo River and other rivers up to

The volcanic material is carried to the ocean, and is swayed by the ferocious waves of the southern ocean. Then, slowly but surely the material was destroyed, became thinner and turned into fine dust that finally reached the shore. What happened later, the dust was flown by the wind.

The process took place slowly and continuously and formed the Parangkusumo Pasir Gumuk. Yes, the natural process was a natural creation in the form of sand dune that collected in the mainland along the coast of Parangtritis to Depok Beach. After all these years, the Pasir Parangkusumo Pass is finally widening in height due to the wind blow throughout the year.

However, lately, tourist attractions in the south of Yogyakarta is increasingly ngehits as a place to play Sandboarding. Yes, Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo this can be a challenging and exciting tour for you who want to feel skiing on the sand. Or more cool is still known by the name of Sandboarding only. You can try to play Sandboarding on a sandbar a few feet high!

Keep in mind, during the day temperatures in Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo will be very hot, so the best time to play sandboarding in the sand dunes in the south of Yogyakarta this afternoon, until the sun will set. Sandboarding board rental price at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo is around IDR 150,000 for one sandboarding board, and can be used for as much as tired.