Pindul Cave is a tourist attraction in the form of a cave located in the Village Bejiharjo, District Karangmojo, Gunungkidul Regency. Pindul Cave is known for the way to walk the cave by riding a buoy over an underground river stream in a cave, this activity is known as cave tubing. The underground river flow starts from the cave mouth to the end of the cave, inside the cave there is a narrow passage that can only be passed by a buoy tire, so tourists usually will alternate one by one to pass this passage.  The length of the Pindul cave is 350 meters by 5 meters wide and the water surface distance with a 4 meter cave roof.  Pindul cave tracking takes approximately one hour to end on a dam. The river flow inside the Pindul Cave comes from the spring of Gedong Tujuh. Pindul Cave tourism is inaugurated on October 10, 2010.


Walking along the river by a rubber boat is common, but if the river flows in the cave it will certainly be an exciting and thrilling adventure. Pindul Cave, one of the caves which is a series of 7 caves with underground river flow in the village of Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, offers the sensation of the adventure. For approximately 45 – 60 minutes tourists will be invited along the river in the dark earth abdomen along the 300 m using a buoy tire. An adventure that combines the activity of body rafting and caving is known as cave tubing.

There is no special preparation for cave tubing in Pindul Cave. The equipment needed is only life buoy, life vest, and head lamp which all have been provided by the manager. A very calm river flow makes this activity safe for anyone, from children to adults. The best time for cave tubing in Pindul Cave is the morning around 09.00 or 10.00 WIB. Besides because the water is not too cold, if the weather is bright at these hours will emerge the light of heaven coming from sunlight that penetrate through the big gap in the roof of the cave.

While feeling the cold river water that caressed the body in the middle of the cave minimal lighting, a guide tells the story of the origin of naming Pindul Cave. According to a legend that is believed by the community and narrated from generation to generation, the name of Pindul Cave and other caves in Bejiharjo can not be separated from Joko Singlulung’s wandering story of seeking his father. After exploring the dense forest, mountains, and rivers, Joko Singlulung entered the caves in Bejiharjo. When entering into one of the sudden cave Joko Singlulung hit stone, so the cave is called Pindul Cave derived from the word cheek gebendul.

In addition to telling about the legend Pindul Cave, the guide will also explain the ornaments found along the rafting. In this cave there are some beautiful ornaments such as stone crystals, moonmilk, as well as stalactites and stalagmites are beautiful. A gigantic pillar formed from the stalactite and stalagmite encounter process that has reached thousands of years ahead. In some parts of the roof of the cave there is also a natural painting created by bats of cave dwellers. In the middle of the cave there is a place that resembles a large pond and is usually used as a place to rest for a moment so that tourists can swim or jump from a height.